Concerned Parents UK: New Collective Stands Up to Protect the Children of the UK.

BIRMINGHAM, UK – On 15th July, a group of parents passionate about protecting their children met in Birmingham to kick-start a new movement known as “Concerned Parents UK”. This initiative has been formed to address several severe societal issues currently affecting children in the UK, such as grooming gangs, knife crime, and the sexualisation of children in media and education. The group also discussed the lack of support for working-class children from all backgrounds and the controversial “Drag Queen Story Hour” phenomenon.

The speakers, including Nick from Turning Point UK, and Kyle and Richard from Concerned Parents UK, led the conversation at the inaugural meeting. They focused on the growing concern over grooming gangs, emphasizing the lack of action by the authorities over the past thirty years and the devastating effects these crimes have had on the children who were and are being abused.

Knife crime, a pressing issue disproportionately affecting young people, was another key topic. The concerned parents called for a more robust response from policymakers and local authorities to tackle this issue and improve safety in communities nationwide.

The group also expressed their worries about the sexualisation of children in media and education. Particular attention was paid to the “Drag Queen Story Hour” events, with parents voicing concerns about the impact such early exposure to mature content may have on children’s mental and emotional development.

Further discussions centred around the need for more significant support and opportunities for working-class children from all backgrounds. Participants voiced their disquiet about a perceived disdain for the British working class among political elites, highlighting the need for policymakers to ensure equal access to quality education and opportunities, irrespective of a child’s socioeconomic background.

The launch of Concerned Parents UK is a notable example of grassroots activism aimed at creating change. Moving forward, the group plans to engage with educators, policymakers, and community leaders, advocating for protective measures and increased resources for children’s well-being. Their goal is to encourage other parents across the UK to join their mission, to create safer, more inclusive environments for all children, regardless of their background.

Launch Speech for concerned Parents UK – YouTube