Charter for Global Prosperity and Harmony: A Vision for Our Shared Future


This Charter for Global Prosperity and Harmony sets forth a vision of a world where freedom, equality, democracy, and national sovereignty reign supreme, grounded in a rich history of legal and moral thought and guided by a commitment to the dignity and worth of all individuals.

  1. Freedom: At the core of this charter is the principle of freedom. Drawing inspiration from the Magna Carta and the U.S. Constitution, we believe that every individual should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This includes freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom from fear and want, as outlined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights.
  2. Equality: All people are created equal and deserve equal treatment under the law, a principle enshrined in common law traditions and the U.S. Constitution. This means a steadfast opposition to racism, religious extremism, and far-left and far-right extremism. It involves a commitment to gender equality, social justice, and economic opportunity for all.
  3. Democracy: The right to self-determination and participatory governance is a cornerstone of our charter. Inspired by the democratic ideals embodied in the U.S. Constitution and the UN Declaration of Human Rights, we promote free, fair, and frequent elections, the rule of law, and government transparency and accountability.
  4. National Sovereignty: Respect for national sovereignty is paramount. While we endorse international cooperation to tackle shared challenges, we also uphold the rights of nations to self-governance, free from external interference, as long as they uphold human rights and international law.
  5. Life and Dignity: Rooted in biblical teachings and the UN Declaration of Human Rights, we believe in the sanctity of life.  This respect for life extends to a commitment to human dignity and the eradication of all forms of inhumane treatment.
  6. Prosperity: We aspire to a world where prosperity is accessible to all. This includes sustainable development that benefits local communities and not just the global corporations , and robust education systems free from identity politics that divide us in such a damaging way, we need education that empowers individuals to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.
  7. Harmony: Our vision includes fostering harmony between nations, cultures, and individuals. This involves promoting dialogue, mutual respect, and understanding.

This Charter is not a final statement but a starting point for dialogue and action. It invites all who share these values to join in building a global movement that strives for a just, peaceful, and prosperous world where the dignity and rights of every individual are respected and protected.